Who Am I?


Originally from England, I lived abroad for many years, mostly in Middle Eastern countries. I discovered Germany whilst on holiday about ten years ago and immediately fell for the diversity of the people, the landscape, the alcoholic beverages, the language, and even the food.

In 2011 I secured a job in a city called Essen in the industrial Ruhr Region. It was daunting as I was only able to utter about five words in German, but exciting all the same. Early in 2014 during a weekend drive-around, I stumbled across the Mosel Region and have never looked back. I still work periodically overseas, but the Mosel is where I call home.

I created this site for people who have an interest – either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – in this stunning area. I know there are plenty of other resources available but most are geared solely towards tourism or wine, and few are in English. I am aiming to redress the balance a little by offering interesting bits and pieces which hopefully will appeal to visitors, residents, and dreamers alike, no matter what nationality they are.

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  1. Great blog, I also love Germany and have a home in the Mosel, just spend holidays there at the moment due to work commitments in the UK and a 16 year old son, who needs a bit more convincing of the great things the area has to offer.

    1. Thanks! I will be posting more stuff from now on – was not able to over the last month as was busy moving into the house and had no internet. My 15 year old son will be over from the USA in July and I will have to keep him entertained although I think in summer there are enough activities going on.

  2. Love your blog! My partner Liz and I are considering buying a house in Altlay and are visiting quite soon! Do you have any blog posts on the winter weather and how you manage? H

    1. I am glad you like it although I admit I have not posted an awful lot over the last few months.

      I did a post on the flood risk but that won’t really affect you, and I also posted a video of someone snowboarding down the vineyards! Winter is no big deal in the region really although the roads can be a bit treacherous when it first snows, especially the minor ones. Germany is used to heavy winter conditions and so handles it well. Houses can be cold. If yours is only a holiday home then be careful in winter that you have some kind of frost protection to avoid frozen pipes – you can get low power heaters or convector heaters with a frost protection setting. Also, depending on your locality, you may be responsible for clearing the show from the footpath in front of your property (“Winterdienst”) – failure to do so could result in you being sued if someone slips over… That brings me to an important point – make sure you have personal liability insurance as the Germans are very claim (and litigation) conscious.

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me, hopefully i can buy you a beer in the future! Great advice, much appreciated.

  3. Good morning.. Love your blog..
    I also fell in love with the Mosel river, specially Cohem and Bernkastel..
    My husband and I are planning to rent an apartment in the area..
    Any device for the Ausländerbehörde and where to go for the application, do we need to hire a lawyer? Any help will be appreciated…
    P.S. we are not from the E.U
    Thanks in advance ..

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