Brexit – Appeal to Fellow Brits in the Region

I’d love to hear from any fellow Brits living in the Mosel region who might be reading this post. I’d like to hear your experiences of the formalities you have encountered so far here relating to good old Brexit.

I emailed the Cochem-Zell Ausländerbehörde today to ‘report’ to them of my wish to retain my right to reside here under the Withdrawal Agreement. In their reply, they merely told me that an appointment has been made for me on15th January. It would not be such a deal if I was confident of my German abilities, but over this year I have had little practice and now struggle dealing with officialdom in German. If anyone who speaks it better than I do is willing/able to accompany me to that appointment I will be extremely grateful and there will be some beverages or food thrown in once Covid allows.

I hope I am wrong, but I am a bit concerned that many Ausländerbehörde in the smaller districts around the country do not know what the score is with Brits exercising their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. The pessimist in me wonders if they may try to impose all regulations applicable to fresh new immigrants on us. I personally think it is absurd that each German state will have its own procedures to deal with our residencies, as that may mean differing requirements between states. In my humble opinion, this should be at the main government level.

Anyway, if you are a Brit living here and are willing to let me know how things are for you Brexit-wise so far, drop me a note using the form below and I will get back to you. Your message will be private and not published.

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