Information on Brexit from the Bundesministerium

Brexit Information from the Bundesministerium

Up-to-date Brexit information from the Bundesministerium has just been published via a new guide titled “Information for United Kingdom nationals and their family members about the right of residence provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement”. Yeah, I know the title is way too long but that’s the Germans for you!

This useful document contains a goldmine of information for us Brits living in Germany. It details everything you need to know about securing and retaining your right to stay in Germany under the Withdrawal Agreement. The guide can be found by clicking here.

If you are British and living in Germany, right now it is important to ensure:

  1. you have registered at your local ‘Einwohnermeldeamt’,
  2. you have reported your residency to the local foreigner’s authority. Please note this is NOT the same as registering your address at the Einwohnermeldeamt), and
  3. you have switched your UK driving licence for a German one.

In the case of number 3, please be aware that your UK driving licence won’t be valid after 31st December if you are resident in Germany, even with an International Driving Licence. However, if you are only visiting Germany/Europe, then you will need both an International Driving Licence as well as your UK one. I recently did an article on how I found the process of exchanging my UK driving licence. That article is available here.

A summary of the information on Brexit from the Bundesministerium is also available in FAQ format on their website. This covers the following aspects of maintaining residency in Germany following the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020:

  1. General questions.
  2. How am I affected by this?
  3. Special cases.
  4. The new residence document.
  5. Right of residence.

The FAQs can be accessed here.

The website has a lot of other information in English so it is worth taking an occasional peek at it.

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