Filing German Taxes

Filing German Taxes

Moving to a new country is always daunting. Filing German Taxes must sit at the top of the “Oh My God” list for most expats here. Taxation in Germany is complex even for the natives.

Rightly or wrongly, I assumed my employer at the time got the taxes right, although my payslips always mystified me with their endless deductions. However, things became complicated after I bought an investment property and started a business. Suddenly, I had to submit monthly tax returns electronically in German. Freaked out at the notion of doing those myself, I decided to get professional help.

I was living in the Essen at the time. After a bit of hunting, I found an English-speaking local accountant called Carsten Greiwe. I have been using Carsten for many years now, and he has been worth his weight in gold. He handles all my income tax and VAT matters and sorts things out with the tax office when I make cock-ups. He has also given me tonnes of advice on my tax position and how to legitimately minimise my liability. I no longer have sleepless nights worrying about filing my German taxes incorrectly or falling foul of the complicated tax laws.

Admittedly, he is not based in the Mosel, but in Essen a couple of hours away. That has never been a problem as virtually all my dealings with him have been done through email. His English is perfect, and he expects all his staff to have a reasonable command of the language too. His website can be found by clicking here.

So, unless you are fluent in German, I strongly suggest you leave all of your tax matters to a professional such as Carsten because it will save you an awful lot of bother later on.

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