German Men Sit Down to Pee and Other Insights into German Culture

I posted a review of this book some time ago, but I recently re-read it and decided it was worthy of another mention.

The book title is “German Men Sit Down To Pee And Other Insights Into German Culture”. The title says it all and the book takes a jovial look at the Germans and their often strange mannerisms.

The authors of the book are Irishman, James Cave, and a German, Niklas Frank, so the facts have been checked by a native.

 The book gives a very frank but hilarious view of so many aspects of German culture and daily life. The topics covered were clearly chosen as they are most likely to be the ones encountered by non-Germans. Each chapter focuses on an individual aspect of German life – socialising, shopping, working, birthdays, etc. The book even touches on sex and romance!

What I like most about this book is not only is it a good giggle, it actually does give the great advice as well. Few other books give such punchy, no-nonsense explanations of the quirks of German folk, and after reading it you will love even the more. It’s a super read. The chapters are nice and short so you can easily put it down without losing forgetting where you were up to.

The book is available on the Kindle store on Amazon or by clicking here.

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