Month: September 2014

German, Scary? Nein…!

A lot of non-Germans consider German pronunciation to sound very harsh to the point of being scary. Take a look at this video clip I found on YouTube – I will let you be the judge..!

Old Habits Die Hard

Like me, ever wondered how they harvest the grapes from the steep slopes of the Mosel? Were you also guilty of thinking there would be some hi-tech agricultural machine to pluck them from the vines and crate them up all in one continuous process? It seems not, and the grapes are still pretty much tended …

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Sprechen Sie German?

I have absolutely no wish to insult the German population, but it has to be said the German language is not the simplest to learn. The grammar is notoriously complicated, and whilst the language is generally phonetic, the length of some of the words are so enormous that you almost need to draw breath half …

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